Monday, February 9, 2015

Avengers Undercover #5, 6, & 7

I know this isn't exactly timely, but I'm just trying to catch up. Besides, I really liked this series! Anyway, here are three more issues, with the last three coming in a future post.

Let's start things off with issue 5. Pretty standard stuff here, and I was really starting to get comfortable with the book. Art by Kev Walker.

Moving on with issue 6. It was hard picking just 5 pages from this one, as it's pretty action-packed, and I'm quite fond of a lot of the pages here. This one was drawn by Timothy Green again.

Changing gears again with issue 7. A "quieter" issue, with lots of plot-building and a nice twist at the end. Nice variety of locations and characters, which is fun. Kev Walker back for this one.

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