Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fighting a Marilith is hazardous!

It's a fact that snake-women are hot (and awesome). It's also a fact that multi-armed women are awesome (and probably also hot). Therefore, Mariliths are just pure awesome hotness-- they're off the charts! It's scientific, yo!

Anyway, after the insanity that was my summer and fall work schedule, I actually had some spare time to whip up a little painting (more importantly, I felt motivated and inspired to sit down and draw/paint). I always wanted to draw a Marilith, because of the reasons stated above, and I think this one came out alright. Alright enough, I suppose. Not like I'm being paid for this, but I can still be my harshest client. ;) This one was obviously inspired by Frazetta, because I'm a chump and a fraud. Booyah!

Hopefully that paladin has good AC, coz he's about to eat six melee attacks in the face! Enjoy!

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