Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Emerald City of Oz #1

Back to Oz we go! Not much to say about these, to be honest. I've been coloring the Marvel Oz books for what now, five years? It's pretty familiar territory for me at this point, but it was still lots of fun to revisit Skottie's Nome King, and I have to say I have a fondness for the muted palette of Kansas. I try to mix it up a little with each new series, and this one is no different, though the overall look is still similar-- it just amounts to subtle variations on the same basic technique. I'd love to go crazy and really experiment with the style and colors, but I can't deviate too much from what was established oh so many years ago.

Sadly, I colored this issue before I got the new monitor, so it suffers from excessive yellowness. This is something I got around to mitigating on the second issue and beyond, but for now try to see past the drabness of it all. ;)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Avengers Arena #13

Skipping ahead a little here. There was nothing wrong with issues 11 and 12-- they were both fine issues which I enjoyed quite a bit. But I'm lagging behind with these posts, and issue 13 is a bit different. First off, this was the first time I worked with my new monitor and calibrating kit. Second, this was also the issue where I "found" my coloring style for this book. Moving forward, I started to like my work on this title more and more. Even if I still can't touch the original colorist.

Anyway, this was a slower issue, with a bit of a "meanwhile in the real world" feel to it. Artwork by the awesome Karl Moline, in an attempt to give the regular guy some breathing room (this book was on a crazy release schedule).