Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fighting a Marilith is hazardous!

It's a fact that snake-women are hot (and awesome). It's also a fact that multi-armed women are awesome (and probably also hot). Therefore, Mariliths are just pure awesome hotness-- they're off the charts! It's scientific, yo!

Anyway, after the insanity that was my summer and fall work schedule, I actually had some spare time to whip up a little painting (more importantly, I felt motivated and inspired to sit down and draw/paint). I always wanted to draw a Marilith, because of the reasons stated above, and I think this one came out alright. Alright enough, I suppose. Not like I'm being paid for this, but I can still be my harshest client. ;) This one was obviously inspired by Frazetta, because I'm a chump and a fraud. Booyah!

Hopefully that paladin has good AC, coz he's about to eat six melee attacks in the face! Enjoy!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Figment #5

And here is the last issue of Figment-- a fitting end to a superb book (I just love those fiery final battle scenes). I had a great time on this title, and if sales are any indication, a lot of people did as well. Also, I was asked to work on the next Disney Kingdoms series (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad), so look forward to some wild west antics in March!

Anyway, fantastic art by Filipe Andrade, as always. Enjoy!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Rocket Raccoon #1-4

There I go, falling off the radar again. Once more, so much has happened during my months of silence that I don't know where to begin. I guess the runaway hit Rocket Raccoon is as good a place as any.

What can I say? I never expected this thing to be so popular, but here we are! I was actually quite scared we wouldn't live up to the hype when I learned that pre-orders were going through the roof back in June. Luckily, sales and reviews were quite positive. Of course, that just meant the bar was set REALLY high for the following issues. ;)

All that said, I'm still having a complete blast with the series-- thought that's probably obvious. Skottie really pushed me to cut loose and go crazy with the colours on this title. He wanted it big, bold, and vibrant. Initially, it took quite a bit of effort, but I eventually got wild enough for the book. And apparently, I like purple...

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber! Here are pages from the first 4 issues (which are sadly the only issues drawn by the man, Skottie, himself). First up, where it all started-- issue 1.

Now for the wacky prison-breaking antics of issue 2. That 2-page spread is a favourite of mine.

Issue 3, with the desert planet (always cool). I actually really love this one.

And the end of the first arc with issue 4-- the brawl to end it all!