Monday, February 4, 2013

Ultimate X-Men #21 Cover

I love doing covers. If there's one aspect of my regular coloring work that really gets my goat (that's a real expression, right?) is that there's just never enough time to put in all the care and details I'd want to put in every single panel. There's deadlines, and sometimes you just have to get a page done and move on. The nice things with covers is that it's only one big panel, and it allows me to get a bit more personal with the piece and put in the extra work.

For this one, I also posted the original pencils by Michael Ryan, just so you can a better sense of what I do to these things. As an added bonus, I was told this would be the first time the Iron Patriot would be fully colored, so I was partially responsible for coming up with his color scheme. Yeah, no pressure... ;)

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