Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gelatinous cube-- oh, the horror!

It should be known that I'm a big nerd. I love Dungeons & Dragons (as well as other RPGs), and the thing that first drew me into the whole culture was the art. I remember sitting for hours, going through my friend's D&D books; even though I could barely understand English at the time and we never played the bloody thing. I didn't care about that, because I was completely mesmerized by all the evocative artwork. I've always loved fantasy art, and recently decided to take a crack at it.

Here's my latest attempt-- the terrible gelatinous cube (if you don't get it, there's no way I can explain)! This started out as a quick sketch which I wanted to turn into a full painting (all digital, of course), but it didn't quite work out. Seems I don't have the chops to pull off something like that. In the end I had to compromise, and this is the result. Perhaps I should take some painting lessons, and apply that knowledge to Photoshop. Hmmmm....