Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Green Valley #2

So, I recently found out that I got an Eisner Award nomination for my colors on Green Valley. I have to say I was pretty shocked, but it's still nice to know all this hard work is being noticed. Let's celebrate the occasion by sharing some pages from issue 2!

This was a pretty tough one, since at this point I was still figuring out how to handle this book, while at the same time trying to keep things consistent with the first issue. Looking back, I think it turned out rather well-- it could be among my favourites of the series. Heck, it was hard to limit myself to my usual 5 pages, so that's always a good sign!



  1. Hi Jean, love your colors! I've been getting into digital art myself, and was hoping I could pick your brain a little. The colors in I Hate FairyLand are amazing, and I wanted to know which software and brushes you use?

    Thanks a bunch. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks! I do all my work in Photoshop, and I use a custom brush pack I bought from here;
      He's got some awesome brushes!

    2. Thank you a bunch for replying! I just bought the watercolor pack and it's great!

      Thanks again.

  2. Hello Jean

    Love your colors. Became a fan. I am a new comic book artist from Bangladesh. wanna be a comic book colorist myself one day. Your works have become my inspirations nowadays. Thanks for the good work.