Sunday, November 13, 2016

MG 1/100 Sinanju

Here's another model I built and painted a while back. This time, it was Bandai's 1/100th Master Grade MSN-06S Sinanju. I freakin' love this mobile suit-- it's just so badass, with a pretty wild gothic flair.

As usual, I went with a custom color scheme. Nothing wrong with the normal colors, but I just think they have a heavy Blood Angel feel. Besides, I've always been keen on striking my own path, and customizing pretty much everything. Unfortunately, I don't really like the end result of said color scheme. It's a bit too dull and lacks contrast. Add the fact that I had a lot of problems with the paint scratching and chipping, and this build was quite a headache. At any rate, I soldiered on, and finished it.

Anyway, here are a few choice shots of the results. Enjoy!

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