Friday, October 21, 2016

Figment 2 #1 and #2

Sorry once again for the long bout of silence! Allow me to fix that by posting some pages for a project I worked on last year. This was the second Figment story published by Marvel under their Disney Kingdoms line, and I once again colored the 5 issue run. I feel like I really pushed myself on this title, and reached a new level (at the time). I'm still pretty happy with how these turned out! This time, the art was drawn by Ramon Bachs, who did a kick ass job-- and his quasi anime style really informed my coloring style.

Enjoy some pages from the first two issues!

Figment 2 #1

Figment 2 #2


  1. You are so crazy talented amazingness with your colors. Do you offer any classes or tips on how you choose such great pallets?

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I don't really have much in the way of advice to give out. Though I was thinking of doing a few tutorial type things.