Thursday, January 30, 2014

Emerald City of Oz

How time flies. It's hard to imagine that I started work on the first issue of Oz way back in 2008. It sure doesn't feel like it, and while I was slacking off not updating my blog, I also happened to color the very last issue. The Emerald City of Oz #5 marked the end of the line for Skottie and the bunch as Marvel stopped translating Baum's novels into comics (at least for now. No telling what the future might hold).

I have to say it was one of those bittersweet situations. On the one hand, it's quite sad to see all those  characters go and move on, but on the other it's also exciting to look forward to other, new projects. Oz had become a very familiar and comfortable place for me, and I truly did love my time working on these books. I really can't thank Skottie enough for getting me on board with what has been one of the most defining projects in my career.

Anyway, in an attempt to catch up with more current work, I've decided to post pages from the rest of the series (being issues 2 to 5). As always, it was hard picking pages from such a large pool, but I hope you'll still enjoy!

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