Sunday, September 1, 2013

Eric Shanower's Emerald City of Oz cover

Alright, we're going back to Oz! Just thought I'd kick things off with this variant cover illustrated by series writer Eric Shanower. On top of doing a kick-ass job adapting Baum's original books into comics, the man is also an accomplished illustrator. If you're a fan of Marvel's Oz books, check out his site and give him some love!

Anyway, this was a fun piece to color, with lots going on. Sadly, I kindda messed up some colors for some characters (why is Henry wearing red?!)-- this was colored long before I actually started on the book proper, and I didn't really know what they would ultimately be wearing. Also, I think I may have gone overboard with the yellowing of it all (though I blame my old monitor for that one)... Still, I just love Eric's old-school style!

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