Monday, December 8, 2014

Rocket Raccoon #1-4

There I go, falling off the radar again. Once more, so much has happened during my months of silence that I don't know where to begin. I guess the runaway hit Rocket Raccoon is as good a place as any.

What can I say? I never expected this thing to be so popular, but here we are! I was actually quite scared we wouldn't live up to the hype when I learned that pre-orders were going through the roof back in June. Luckily, sales and reviews were quite positive. Of course, that just meant the bar was set REALLY high for the following issues. ;)

All that said, I'm still having a complete blast with the series-- thought that's probably obvious. Skottie really pushed me to cut loose and go crazy with the colours on this title. He wanted it big, bold, and vibrant. Initially, it took quite a bit of effort, but I eventually got wild enough for the book. And apparently, I like purple...

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber! Here are pages from the first 4 issues (which are sadly the only issues drawn by the man, Skottie, himself). First up, where it all started-- issue 1.

Now for the wacky prison-breaking antics of issue 2. That 2-page spread is a favourite of mine.

Issue 3, with the desert planet (always cool). I actually really love this one.

And the end of the first arc with issue 4-- the brawl to end it all! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Figment #3 & 4

More pages from the Disney Kingdoms mini, Figment. Things got even crazier in these issues, and #4 features some stunning nightmarish imagery by series artist Filipe Andrade. I love the dark atmosphere of the issue, but I think I may have overdone it with the oppressive mood. ;)

Anyway, enjoy these pages from issue 3!

And now some pages from issue 4. It was hard picking just these few-- this issue could be my favourite in the entire series.

Friday, August 22, 2014

In these savage lands

I love barbarians. Don't know why. Anyway, I finally had a bit of spare time, so I decided to doodle a little something real quick. As it happens, I've been reading Dark Horse's awesome Conan series again, so I had barbarians on the brain...

I wanted to try some new tricks for this one, so it's a bit experimental. The finished product really reminds me of Ralph Bakshi's Fire and Ice, which I guess is cool. All done in Photoshop!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What If: Age of Ultron #3

Here's a random issue I coloured a while back. After having the honour of colouring all the covers for this mini-series, I was offered an entire issue as well. Frost giants, monsters, lasers, flying cars, guns, martial arts, world-eating serpents, robots, castles, and a Black Widow Thor-- how could I possibly say no? And the apocalyptic vibe along with a pseudo-fantasy theme didn't hurt either. ;)

Overall, I was pretty pleased with how these pages came out. A bit different from my usual style, but something I'd like to revisit, and expand upon some day. Anyway, enjoy a few of my favourite pages! Oh, and the stunning art is by Mico Suayan.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Avengers Undercover #2, 3, & 4

The depths of my procrastination are sometime astounding (though in my defense, I've been absolutely swamped with work these past months). I just realised that I only posted pages from the first issue, while I just finished colouring the very last one. That's a staggering 10 issue gap! I'm sorry for any fans of the series who were hoping to see pages as the issues were being released. Anyway, I'm going to try and fix that and catch up real quick-like! Lets start with some pages from issues 2, 3, and 4.

First up, some of my favourite pages from issue 2. I was still rusty on this one, trying to figure out a style for the book. Looking back, I can see how clunky it was. Artwork by series mainstay Kev Walker.

Now a few pages from issue 3. They had to bring in a different artist for this issue, since the release schedule for this book was just insane-- most artists understandably can't keep up with that pace. I was really lucky that the style I used on the book worked perfectly here (perhaps even better than with Kev's art), so I didn't have to do anything TOO differently. Awesome art by Timothy Green.

And we're back with Kev for issue 4. The brief change of artists on #3 allowed me to work out a few kinks in my technique, so I think this is where I really started to fell more comfortable with my colours on this series (about time, Beaulieu-- we're nearly halfway through the damn thing!).